Our Church

St Paul's Church is situated in the New England area of Peterborough. (Go to the bottom of this page & click on Virtual Tour, to see the inside of the building).  It is part of the Christian denomination known as The Church of England and is within the Diocese of Peterborough. The Parish came into existence with the advent of the railways in the Nineteenth Century, although it can no longer be described as a railway parish. It comprises an inner urban housing estate with a population of 9,000 and growing all the time. It is very multi cultural and in the last 2 or 3 years around the Triangle area there has sprung up 4 small supermarkets which are mostly Polish/Lithuanian foods; a Lithuanian restaurant; a Portuguese restaurant; various take-away plus Indian, Chinese, Pizza. An established print & photocopy shop, Malcolm and Sue Print shop, are opposite the Vicarage & look after most of the printing we have done.

St Paul’s Church is a Victorian building, which was built in 1869 but in the 1970's a certain amount of re-ordering inside happened when Father Secker was the Priest. We have beautiful glass doors inside from the porch to the interior; space down the side aisles and under the tower and in the sanctuary. All of those areas previously were full of pews. The space  is so helpful to us as it means we can put on concerts and shows; we can show dvd's on a screen; we have room for tables to have lunches or for our T @ 4 times. Look at our virtual tour and see for yourself. Since the virtual tour was put on the website we have also been given a wonderful painting by a local artist, Julie Reid, who is now an international artist.  We also have small tables and chairs down the side aisle where we sit after the services for coffee & tea. There a number of stained glass windows; Stations of the Cross on two of the walls; a font; a beautiful Lady Chapel area especially when the sun streams in with an Aumbry and also Madonna and Child Statue; the Sanctuary area has wonderful stained glass and has a wonderful wooden screen between the Tower area and the Sanctuary steps & on top of the screen are 3 wooden figures, one of which is Jesus on the Cross.   The grounds area around the church are kept well and the paddock is partly used as a car park & is used 6 days a week, sometimes 7. One of the next major projects is to improve our facilities by installing a toilet and washbasin area in the Porch. We are currently raising money for this work.  As a church we currently make an annual donation to over 12 charities chosen by the PCC plus encouraging church members to have a box at home to give towards the work of The Children's Society. Church members also bring food items for the Peterborough Foodbank and every week a large box of food is taken to the local Foodbank for distribution.  Our PCC meet monthly for a Prayer Evening and ALPHA for groups and also for individuals are ongoing;  

In January 2016 we celebrated the Collation and Induction of Rev Ron as Vicar of St Paul's benefice. Since 1999 the former Bishop of Peterborough put St Paul's into suspension which meant that it could not have a Vicar. A priest appointed would have the title Priest in Charge instead. In Autumn 2015 the current Bishop (Bishop Donald) encouraged the lifting of the suspension which meant that the priest (i.e. Rev Ron) would be the Vicar.

In 2019 it was St  Paul's 150th Anniversary Year with different events and services during the year as we give thanks for the Consecration of St Paul's on 28 May 1869.

Virtual tour of St Paul’s