Friends of St. Paul's

We need friends! We need support!

We have an association of people who value St Paul’s - the church, the ministry past and present and especially people who want to make sure that St Paul’s has a future.

Can you or others you know offer your prayers?

Offer your time and talents?

We sometimes need practical help with the upkeep of the church and the church hall, with the churchyard, with the decorating. Maybe some fund raising events.

St Paul's on the Triangle has been for many families, esp in the New England area, the place for their baptisms, their weddings & their funerals. They may not get along to much else but still feel it is THEIR CHURCH. We would like to encourage those links and suggest you can let people know that they can help the church financial needs by a regular gift; by supporting events; or by coming along sometimes to help us get to know them.

What do you think? Are there people in the community who might be prepared to be a FRIEND OF ST PAUL'S?

Let them know we would like them to be FRIENDS please to St Paul’s.

We give thanks for the financial help & also practical help that St Paul's has had over the past and for those who are still doing so.

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